Project appraisal

IMACON methodology allows a comprehensive evaluation of the project proposal, pointing out the bottlenecks of the project concept and providing specific recommendations to improve the application before implementation start. It also gives an opportunity to anticipate threats. Our methodology also offers a visual comparison tool for proposals in decision-making about their support.

IMACON project appraisal tool is a versatile instrument and can be used in a variety of management situations – from self evaluation (quality of project development) to the strategic monitoring of the project portfolio.

The toolbox integrates the existing international standards for evaluation. It allows to evaluate the future effectiveness of the project in terms of setting goals at different levels. On the other hand it includes an assessment of the quality of the documents, including the presence of all the elements of the project application. There are questions to assess design of project ideas in accordance with a set of criteria in each of the six parameters of assessment toolbox.


  1. Each of 6 metrics have 2-3 parameters, in 2 scales
  2. Rating measurement system used for parameters assessment made by expert on the base of the project documentation analysis
  3. List of questions and recommendations developed as a guidelines for the rating
  4. Rating gives by the range of marks (from-to)Image_
  5. Computer software used for later visualization of the data.

Intervention System Metrics

  1. Situation, general context, problem and stakeholders analysis
  2. Objectives and impact
  3. Intervention and Resources
  4. Management and partnerships
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation
  6. Logics and Methodology